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What is a Site Cabin & Why Do You Need One?

It is common to see a site cabin on a construction site, from the largest site to the smallest one. A site cabin can perform a number of useful functions for the employees on the site, and is entirely dependent on what they actually need it for.

What is a site cabin?

A site cabin is a portable unit that can be placed on a construction site for the use of the employees of the construction company. These uses can fall into a number of different categories and a site cabin can be anything from a simple on site storage facility where tools can be left safely overnight to a simple canteen space where site staff can avail themselves of a hot drink or food – particularly important during the colder months. Our prefabricated site cabins and be hired in a range of different formats suitable for an individual construction company’s requirements, and they can be delivered to the exact spot on your site where you require them.

What can you use a site cabin for?

Site cabins come in a wide range of sizes; from 10 feet to 30 feet in length. They are secure and designed to be anti-vandal which make them ideal for use as storage units on your construction site. They can be used to store heavy and cumbersome tools that it is difficult to take off site at the end of every day and store elsewhere. They can also be used as a shelter for your construction crew during the day; somewhere to take a short break and grab a hot drink and a bite to eat. This is particularly important on colder and wet days when you need to ensure that everyone is working at their best, because operating heavy conduction machinery can be dangerous. Some site cabins come equipped with basic canteen facilities to help provide these basic necessities.

Site cabins can also be used as portable office units. They provide space for administration purposes. This space can be used to coordinate all of the necessary supplies, machinery and manpower required to undertake even the most complex of construction projects, allowing your project to run as smoothly as possible. Whilst some sites may only need a small office space, more complex projects may require a larger office cabin with room for several administrators.

Other uses for your site cabin may even include using it as a drying room to store and dry wet safety gear overnight. All of these uses can help you to run a construction site that is more efficient.

Not sure which site cabin you need? Why not call us to discuss your options? We’d be glad to suggest the perfect site cabin for your needs and your budget.

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