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What the New Lockdown Means for the Construction Industry
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On Monday 4th January 2021 Boris Johnson gave a televised address to the nation in which he set out the rules for England as a new lockdown was put in place to try and curb the rising number of coronavirus cases, and the new strain of the virus, that the country was facing. Stating that these new measures were set to last until mid-February at least, the Prime Minister warned that hospital numbers were already higher than they had been during the first peak of the virus back in April 2020.

So, what exactly does the new lockdown mean for the construction industry?

The good news is that there is clear advice this time round for the construction industry, unlike when the announcement was made in March last year for the first national lockdown. The construction industry has been given the green light to remain open. The new guidelines from the government state that in England:

“people who work in critical national infrastructure, construction or manufacturing… should continue to travel to their workplace”.

The First Minister of Scotland, Nichola Sturgeon has also state that the construction industry should remain open, however she has said this remain under review.

This news, whilst very welcome for the construction industry does mean that site managers and construction companies need to ensure that they put appropriate measures in place to protect their workers on site. The government’s guidelines for everyone still remain “Hands, Face, Space” and here at SRP Hire Solutions, we can help you meet this guidance.

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With this in mind, construction sites managers need to ensure that they offer plenty of toilet and hand washing facilities for their employees. This may mean that they need to hire more mobile toilets than normal so that facilities are less crowded. With the weather particularly inclement as we enter the colder, and wetter, winter months, welfare units on site are also vitally important but careful consideration should be given to how these are used.

With workers unable to wear face coverings whilst eating and drinking construction sites may want to consider hiring additional welfare units in order to give more space to their employees during break periods. At SRP Hire Solutions we can advise you on the appropriate capacity of our welfare units in the current climate to ensure that you meet the requirements for offering a Covid safe rest space for your construction workers.

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