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What to Expect In the Events Industry for 2021
  • By Dean Finegold
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The pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on the world and the events and hospitality industry have been particularly badly hit. Whilst many businesses which were forced to close when their countries went into lockdown have been allowed to slowly, and at a reduced capacity open once more, the events industry are still feeling the brunt of the new normal.

Although a number of countries have now approved various vaccines for use on the population, a return to life as it was is still a very long way off as it will take many months to manufacture enough vaccines for the global population.

So, for the events industry this means that 2021 will probably look a little different.


Social distancing

Until enough people have been vaccinated it looks likely that social distancing, wearing masks and of course washing hands will still play a significant role in our lives. This means that unfortunately when events are given the green light to begin again, they are likely to be limited on numbers so that social distancing is possible.

This limited capacity, together with the fact that people are keen to get back to attending events is likely to mean that getting tickets will be difficult as there will simply not be enough to go around.



Event organisers will also need to ensure that they offer plenty of facilities for those event-like festivals that take place over a number of days. Whilst this is something, they will already be aware of from previous years events this year they might be wise to hire a greater number of portable toilets and showers in order to ensure that social distancing rules are adhered to as much as possible.



Events’ organisers should consider hiring extra staff to man their events during 2021. With the likelihood that social distancing measures will still be in place they may need more staff to police their events and ensure the rules are being followed.

Hiring a space that can be used as an office or base for their events staff so that they can coordinate everything could also be a good idea and of course the inclusion of hand washing facilities is a must. It may be necessary to have a couple of spaces available just in case there is someone at the event who displays symptoms of Covid 19 and needs to be separated until they can be moved.

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