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Why Generator Hire is So Important

Unfortunately, power sources can sometimes be unreliable, unobtainable or simply not up to the job at hand. When this happens, it can be necessary to hire a generator that can meet your power requirements so that you encounter minimum disruption to your work.

In the construction industry in particular, sites are often located away from accessible power grids and generator hire forms an essential part of any site back up strategy so that there is disruption to productivity; thereby giving you a continual and steady electrical power supply.

When you hire a generator from a reputable company you have access to a wider range of machines which means that you will always be able to find something that suits the needs of your current project no matter how challenging it might be.

Timeframes matter

On any construction site, delays can be incredibly costly, not just through missed deadlines but also as a result of people being unable to work. There are two main considerations construction site managers will need to give to their power requirements.

The first is; is there an adequate, or any power supply to the construction site? Depending on the location it is highly likely that there will be no power or at best, a limited supply. The second consideration is what will happen in the event of an issue occurring with the power supply to the site? This might be because a cable gets damaged during the construction work, or as a result of a wider issue that affects other locations as well.

Generator hire is the only viable way to prevent the delays that can occur as a result of having no power or a limited power supply, whether this is a primary generator or back up in case of emergencies.

Other considerations

It is worth remembering as well that many building sites, especially those developing new housing estates or commercial developments can often be in areas that are being developed and as such there is little street lighting nearby.

During the winter months this lack of additional light together with the fact that it is generally darker and more overcast during the winter months can mean that it becomes darker much earlier and this means that the working day is cut short due to poorer visibility or worse still, work becomes unsafe.

Lighting towers can be an important consideration for those construction sites looking to provide a much safer working environment for their employees when conditions are darker.

Whether you’re considering a primary or backup generator for your sire, we could help. Why not get in touch with our expert team who could advise you on what type of generator could benefit your site?

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