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Why Mobile Welfare Units are So Important in Winter

Mobile welfare units are considered to be a welcome addition to any workplace throughout the year, offering a much needed social and relaxation space for busy workers, alongside accommodating to their various physical needs through providing necessary access to a bathroom or canteen.

Furthermore, mobile welfare units are especially useful for those who spend a large amount of time working outside, such as builders or site-workers, as they can provide access utilities in areas where there may be no mains power, drainage or water; necessary components when it comes to managing the welfare of staff.

Mobile Welfare Units for Winter

However, mobile welfare units are, for obvious reasons, of even more importance during the winter months, when many staff will have to battle with harsh weather, including rain, hail, snow and exceedingly low temperatures which may inhibit the way they work and damage their wellbeing.

In these instances, it is important that businesses take care of their employees by providing them with adequate space in which to take a break. In fact, this is now rightly considered an industry requirement and employers should take pride in caring for their employees in situations such as this.

A traditional mobile welfare unit will usually host a canteen area – meaning that employees will be able to heat food or make a warm drink – alongside a working bathroom should they need to use it and a place to store dry clothes – especially if they are battling the elements. As mentioned previously, a mobile welfare unit should also prove to be a comfortable space for much-needed rest breaks, allowing colleagues to socialise amongst themselves and improve morale – especially if they can do so in the warm as opposed to staying outside and contending with the weather!

Multiple studies have shown that productivity increases when employees are happy, content and well cared for within the workplace, therefore there are really no reasons as to why a properly functioning mobile welfare unit should not be installed – particularly during the winter months. Without mobile welfare units or access to proper facilities, employees may become disconcerted or even susceptible to illnesses for which companies are liable.

In short, mobile welfare units are necessary during the winter as they offer the appropriate facilities for employees to be able to take care of themselves in the workplace, ensuring that their welfare is protected no matter the weather.

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