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Your Guide for Event Planning in Summer

In theory, planning the event of the season sounds like it should be an absolute breeze. In reality, ensuring that you’ve sorted everything on your list can be a particularly stressful experience, especially if there’s something you don’t realise you’ve forgotten until it’s too late!

Whether you’re organising a garden party, an outdoor festival or an entirely different kind of event, the following three things are essential to ensuring that both the needs and safety of your staff and guests are met. Being in charge of event management has never been easier with our handy tips.

Welfare Units

If you’re working on a site that isn’t fitted with electricity, then securing a purpose-built welfare unit is essential for your summer event. Allowing your staff the opportunity to freshen up, take some time to relax and to meet their welfare needs is an essential part of organising an event – as well as being a legal requirement to comply with health and safety legislation.

Welfare units can be rented throughout the country and are a place where staff can replenish their energies and where guests can visit should they need first aid. They also make excellent reception points at any event.

Site Cabins

Site cabins are useful and versatile as far as events are concerned – they can be used as temporary overnight accommodation for staff or used as another means of satisfying the needs of staff through the inclusion of kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Site cabins can also be used to host security teams, ensuring that your event is monitored and kept as safe as possible for its duration. Site cabins are mobile and can be rented in a whole range of sizes, meaning that no matter the size of your event, it is fully catered to.

Portable Toilet Hire

No matter the purpose of your event, nature calls and stops for no man (or woman). Toilet facilities are essential and the ease of hiring portable toilets makes the entire event experience that little bit easier. Often the question lies in just how many toilets are needed for a specifically sized event – as a general rule, if you aren’t serving food or drink then for every 100 women at the event you should have 1 portable toilet, with another added for every 500 men.

If food and drink is being served then this number should be adjusted accordingly as the likelihood of someone needing to use the facilities will be much higher. The toilets’ portability means that they can be easily delivered and taken away when the festivities are over and done with, leaving you with no clean up as well as happy, relieved customers.


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