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Your Guide to Generator Hire
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It is safe to say we are living in strange times, with many aspects of our lives on hold until we have a better idea of where we’re at. It’s important to look to the future and to look forward to a time when things slowly return to normal, no matter how far away that might be.

While everyone is adjusting to a new way of life and businesses begin to slow down, we understand you might not necessarily be on the hunt for a generator or welfare unit. However, we thought it might be helpful to continue offering some information on our services.

With that in mind, here is a guide to hiring a generator and what you need to think about when the time comes.

Why might you need to hire a generator?

Professional generators are used for a number of different things, including events and on construction sites. If you require power when you’re located off the grid, or you need additional backup power for large energy requirements, a generator can help.

However, buying a generator can be expensive, both for the initial cost as well as ongoing maintenance and fuel. This is why hiring a generator could offer a much more affordable and efficient solution, particularly if you do not require a generator permanently. For example, you may be holding a one-off event or working on a construction site for a set number of weeks.

How much power do you need?

When it comes to hiring a generator, the most important question is how much power you need. This ensures you hire the right size of generator. It is crucial to remember that your power requirements are not likely to be static.

This means you should aim to slightly overestimate your power requirements; this allows for any unplanned spikes in your energy use.

The team here at SRP can guide on your power requirements and point you in the right direction; we have all sizes of generators available.

How long do you need your generator for?

When hiring a generator, you should think about how long you will need generator power for. This can help you to budget for generator hire and ensure you are able to provide the necessary power for your outdoor event or construction site.

Your project may require a generator for a few days or a few months. It can be helpful to understand this need before hiring your generators. We can accommodate hire facilities for as long as you need.

Delivery and installation

We can also help with a delivery service, making sure you have your generator exactly when you need it. We can even offer same day or short notice delivery, as well as both long and short term hire.

We can help to install your generators and get them up and running too. We appreciate you might not have used a generator before, so let us take you through the set-up process and teach you how to use your generator safely.

So, to find out more about our services for when you need them, get in touch with us!

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