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Your Guide to Mobile Welfare Units

You may have heard of mobile welfare units before but not be quite sure what they are or why they could be useful. The truth is that these units can be very handy in a wide range of sectors where access to basic facilities is required.

But what exactly is a mobile welfare unit?

In simple terms, it offers a compact and portable way of providing basic amenities to workers at locations which might not have them on-site. One common example of this is in the construction industry where these units are installed temporarily on projects for staff to use. They come in various sizes depending on how many staff need to use it and what facilities are required.

Why might you need a mobile welfare unit?

As noted above, there are a wide range of sectors which could benefit from using this sort of unit. In essence, any business which has the need to provide temporary basic facilities for staff to use when working at remote locations will find them useful. Some businesses may also use them on longer leases for staff to work in while their usual premises are being renovated. If the site you have staff working on has no access to the usual resources or access is limited, they are a good temporary choice.

But what benefits will hiring one deliver? To begin with, it will save you the cost and hassle of having to install permanent facilities when they are only needed for a set period of time. With a mobile unit like this, when you no longer need them, they are simply towed away by your provider. Hiring these units enables you to comply with the law around providing basic amenities to staff when they are working. Of course, putting in place units like this will also keep staff morale high as they have somewhere to shelter if the weather turns bad and rest when on breaks.

What do they usually contain?

Mobile welfare units come in all shapes and sizes. It all depends on which facilities you need to provide when staff are in remote locations or where the usual amenities they enjoy are not available. You can for example hire units with canteen facilities and break areas so workers can prepare food to enjoy. These units can also have offices for doing admin work in, changing rooms for staff and places to sleep along with toilet facilities.

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