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Your Guide to Site Cabins & Welfare Units

Construction sites often have a lot going on at any one time, from site managers carrying out administration tasks to labourers transporting heavy materials and equipment. It’s important on such a busy site to have suitable space for rest, breaks and management. These on-site requirements are key to the smooth running of a construction site, whether the project is big or small.

Facilities such as site cabins and welfare units can provide the necessary space you need to ensure your construction site can work effectively. With that said, here we guide you through our range of site cabins and welfare units available to hire.

Site cabins for construction sites

Our site cabins can fulfil a wide variety of purposes, from simple storage facilities to fully-functioning offices and canteens. They are great for delivering the peripheral needs of a construction site, and you’ll find a number of prefabricated cabin units available direct from SRP.

We can offer secure, anti-vandal site storage units for tools and equipment, ranging from 10-30ft in length. Alternatively, site cabins can also be used as portable canteen units, offering vital space for resting and eating. There are multiple sizes available, depending on how many people you need it for.

Site cabins can also be used as portable office units, creating that much-needed space for administration, management and coordination of the site. If you require a combination, we can offer 50/50 facilities in the following configurations: office and canteen, canteen and store, or canteen and dry room.

Mobile welfare units for construction

Mobile welfare units are compact and towable, equipped with all the necessary facilities you need. Our range of mobile units can accommodate from 6 up to 16 people, making them ideal for small or large projects. They are equipped with running hot water, toilets, microwaves and kettles.

Our Ecosmart technology helps our mobile units to minimise power usage of the generator, allowing the welfare units to operate more efficiently. Choose from sizes such as 12ft, 16ft and 20ft.

Our smallest unit, the 12ft junior unit, has space for between 6-8 people, complete with canteen and seating facilities, toilets and a drying room. The Ecosmart 16ft unit can accommodate up to 10 people, with different layout configurations available.

The largest unit is the Ecosmart 20ft comfort unit, with space up to 12 people, and comes with energy efficient diesel heating and PIR activated lighting.

Static welfare units

Our range of static welfare units are equipped with a generator for heating and lighting, perfect for dealing with any on-site requirements. Static units come with toilet facilities, rest space and space for an office and canteen.

Our 24ft static welfare unit is powered with a 9 KvA generator and comes with an offset drying room and toilets, as well as a separate office and rest space for 6 people.

Get in touch to find out how our construction hire facilities could make it easier to run your site today.

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