Fuel Cube

• Onsite Fuel Supply

Keep fuel strategically located onsite to refuel construction machinery without having to wait for fuel deliveries

• Fleet Refuelling

In remote locations or on your facility, the FuelCube can be fitted to refuel your fleet and reduce any unneeded downtime

• Generators & Auxilliary Equipment

The FuelCube can connect to one diesel powered piece of equipment and dispense fuel by pump at the same time

Water Bowsers

Enclosed tank

This unique design from SRP has a 1000 litre water bowser encased with a steel shell, includes a pump and is insulated to reduce to possibilities of freezing

Water Bowser

This tank is available from 1000 litres to 10’000 litres for secure storage of your water needs, can be filled directly on-site from an existing mains supply or we can refill via our own water truck

Towable Water Bowsers

Ideal for those applications when you need to be mobile with water on-site, carries a 1000 litre tank.

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